You may volunteer to help in the betterment of the Christuraja2000 webportal by contributing content to be uploaded on this website – what we mean by content is any material which is interesting and appropriate to be posted on this website. This may be general or school-related articles, photos-videos of students/alumni activities. Please mail us at with your valuable contributions.

You can also help in any manner you wish: be it with organization/planning, ideas for new features, editorial skills, programming skills, graphics, bringing in up-to-date information – twitter/calendar updates and even marketing skills for ads on our website.

The team that informally oversees the development of this website communicate through Twitter Member ‘Christuraja2000’. Join any of these for regular updates. Currently, there is an acute need for volunteers to support this webportal. Only with YOUR help, we at the development team will be able to continue keeping the dynamic content of the website lively and exciting.

Please DO get involved!