Hello, guys! Wanna look at some mind-blowing art work? Hey, don’t look at me! Go to an art museum for that! ;-)

Did you see the papers recently? They found some lost painting of Leonardo Da Vinci. Ok, ok, don’t think that I’m a ‘wannabe-Vinci’! I don’t think I’ve that kinda stuff in me! ;-)

But, I believe, you guys will enjoy my drawings for a change, after the masterpieces from Raajish & Dolly!

  1. Phil

    October 26, 2009 12:50 pm

    You too Sujith..???

    good to see some of our friends’ talents here..
    but dint expect Sujith to join the group of artists..

    people have showed thier talent with the pen & pencil..
    i just wanna be different..
    gonna upload an mp3 file with a song sung by me.. ;-)
    plz dont get scared.. was just joking..